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My mom is not only my best friend but she is an awesome Woman of God and the best cook in the world. We grew up eating big meals. We didn’t have full plates because there were a lot of us but because my mom cooks for an Army…so we could share. She always cooked enough to share with friends, neighbors, and relatives. She gave me my beautiful soul, my amazing work ethic and my life. Please support my role model, the original Wonder Woman of my life, my mom, Elder Celestine Blow with a donation of $10.00 and receive this book as a gift to yourself or give to someone you love.

– Dr. Carletta N. Perry

Recipes for the Soul is not your average cookbook!

This book will draw you closer to God and closer to your family. In this book, you will find delicious food recipes and inspirational messages. This book is a daily reminder to love God, yourself and others through the age old tradition of cooking food for the soul.

Gather around the table with your family and let’s eat!

Price: $10.00 + S&H

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