Dr. Perry is bringing her classroom to the community!

Dr. Carletta Perry loves learning and sharing information. Dr. Perry is a Professor of Psychology, a Trainer, a Workshop Facilitator, and a Licensed Teacher! Dr. Perry loves teaching “outside the lines.” This means she loves teaching diverse groups, on various topics, and in any setting from living rooms to small venues to prayer breakfasts to dinner events to grand ballrooms.

Dr. Perry speaks truth and life to every person who crosses her path. She holds several seminars throughout the year on various topics. However, the most interesting seminar happens when the topic is YOU and she looks into your eyes and speaks to your soul as only Dr. Perry can do so get your seat at the next seminar or class! Call 757.716.HEAL today!



COUPLES COLLEGE: The place where singles learn about healthy relationships and married couples rekindle their love!

Calling all single men and women…you have been asking me to do something for the singles in the midst of all of my healthy marriage seminars…well here it is! Women, are you ready to learn why you can’t find that good man? Men, are you ready to find out why your long term relationships just aren’t satisfying? Are you ready to learn how to get more of what you want out of the relationship, find the right person you can be yourself with, and simply have a relationship with no drama? Come learn with me and your new My Class Spouse. Get ready to participate in fun couples work that will leave you with a better understanding of communication, conflict resolution, intimacy/sex, finances, and more! You can bring a significant other, a friend, or be assigned a class spouse to partner up with. You don’t want to miss what Dr. Perry has in store for you! This will be a life changing experience! Call 757.716.HEAL for more information.

Married Couples, you say you love him or her, but are you ready to put the work in? Marriage can be a beautiful journey but not without the skills to have a truly healthy and successful relationship. Many people think they have what it takes yet half end up separated or divorced! Don’t leave the most important decision you have ever made up to chance. Make your marriage a priority, participate in fun exercises, be inspired, and learn new ways to enhance communication, conflict resolution and intimacy! This is just what you need. Call 757.716.HEAL for more information.

PREMARITAL CLASSES: Engaged Couples Only! By Appointment Only. The PREPARE/ENRICH PREMARITAL Classes are designed to prepare you for a healthy marriage. These enrichment courses take place over 5 sessions focusing on communication, conflict management, finances, family, and more! Couples begin with an assessment and leave with a framed Certificate of Completion, the skills to handle life together, and pearls of wisdom to have a truly happy marriage. You don’t want to enter into marriage lightly. The Premarital Classes are an investment in your future. Call 757.716.HEAL to get started!

INSPIRED!: Are you feeling less than inspired, unmotivated, confused, even lost? Do you need direction, intervention, and inspiration? Come let Dr. Perry do what she does so well: speak into your life! Dr. Perry will be offering a powerful, insightful, and prophetic word on life, relationships, and career to those in attendance. She has blessed many people with her gift as they stand in line at conferences waiting for her to tell them what she sees in them…and she can do it without you saying a word. You too will leave asking, “how does she know these things?” Come witness inspiration in action.

LOVE, WAR, & PEACE Relationship Seminar: Pastors and Ministry Leaders, I know marriage and dating are hot topics and you often times have to counsel so many on the mystery of love. Well, don’t do it all by yourself. Let’s collaborate. I have taught the Love, War and Peace Seminar at several churches and no congregation is the same afterwards. I will come for  3 1-hour sessions during your Bible Study or on another agreed upon schedule to bring you research, clinical skills and a lot of wisdom! Get the power of Dr. Perry in three doses as she rolls out a power punch of amazing wisdom, lessons, and examples that will make you think, laugh, cry, and change the way you understand men and women, change the way you think about relationships, and most importantly change the direction of your unhealthy relationships. In every relationship, there is love, war and peace. Don’t you think it’s time for a little more peace? Based on Dr. Perry’s book, The PEACE Program, she delivers 12 years of research, clinical experience, and life lessons. Schedule the Love, War, and Peace Relationship Seminar at your Church. Call today 757.716.HEAL to schedule a meeting with Dr. Perry and your Pastor or Ministry Leader.

Other Seminars Include:

A. Life After Loss

B. Love After Loss

C. Teen Relationships

D. Breaking Free from Psychological Abuse

E. The Heart of a Woman

F. Marriage Retreat Seminar

G. Pre-Marital Retreat Seminar

**All Seminars can also be tailored for your event and based on your needs.



Life Classes are a great way to enhance your life by learning something new! Perhaps you have always wanted to take a class but you didn’t want to enroll at a college or university. This is your opportunity to learning something different. Come join in with others seeking intelligent conversation and a new sense of independence.


1. How to Develop My Story and Write My Book

2. How to Get Published and On the Shelves!

3. From Life Skills to a New Life!

4. Become a Life Coach!

5. Be Your Own Boss: Starting a For Profit

6. Developing a Non-Profit Organization

7. How to Become a Motivational Speaker



  1. Mental Health First Aid – Adults Certification Training (8 hours) – for lay counselors
  2. PREP: The Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program – for married couples
  3. PICK a Partner/Love THINKS by Dr. John Van Epp- for single couples
  4. PREPARE/ENRICH by Dr. David Olson -for Pre-marital Couples
  5. Promoting Empowered African-American Couples through Education (PEACE) – for African-American couples
  6. Strong Families Classes: Making families great with positive communication and conflict resolution tools
  7. Parenting Classes: A focus on attachment, communication, discipline and love
  8. Life Skills and Self-Sufficiency: Striving for a future of my own
  9. Teen Dream: Reducing Risky Behavior and Enhancing Respect and Responsibility
  10. Anger Management: Learn strategies to monitor self and handle emotions or reactions to others

Call 757.716.HEAL for upcoming dates OR to schedule at your location.