When Dr. Carletta Perry left for college, she had planned on becoming a lawyer to fulfill the dream she had since she was 9 years old. During college, she worked as a Legal Secretary but wanted to know more but needed to make more money to put herself through college. In the midst of obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, she sought and graduated with an Associates Degree as a Paralegal. It was this degree and her time working with the best Family Lawyers in the area that would help her become the organized, professional, and strong advocate that she is today.

The legal system can be very complicated when you are navigating alone, it can be overwhelming. In addition, trying to afford a lawyer can cost you a $2500 retainer and even simple document review can cost you hundreds of dollars. On the other hand, sometimes the best defense for your case is you. So even if you are Pro Se (representing yourself), you don’t have do everything by yourself. Dr. Perry will offer you a personalized, confidential, and efficient experience. She can assist you with the following:

A. Legal Document Review

B. Notary Public Services

C. Last Will and Testaments

D. Power of Attorney

E. Separation and Property Agreements

F. Uncontested Divorces

G. Legal Research

H. Typing Letters and Documents

**Dr. Carletta Perry is not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice to you.