Have you ever heard a speech that changed your life? Have you ever met someone so passionate that being in their presence motivated you? Have you been moved to tears or chills because someone was speaking to your soul? That is what every speech given by Dr. Carletta Artis does to the audience.

Words give us life! Sometimes we know things but we may need to hear confirmation from someone else or simply a different perspective on life situations. Life can be hard and sometimes motivation is buried under the stress of life.

Dr. Artis offers motivational speaking engagements for Organizational Staff Trainings, Teacher In-Service Trainings, Church Workshops, and most audiences including, but not limited to Middle and High School Students, Seniors, Couples, Women, Military Spouses, and more.


Dr. Artis is also available to come and excite your group as a Moderator, Host, or Emcee. She is a passionate, dynamic speaker! She has the encouraging, sweet nature of a good counselor but she also has a wealth of knowledge and a larger than life personality that is sure to inspire, educate, empower and enrich all of those in her path. You will not be disappointed no matter what she talks about. Be aware, her positive personality is contagious!


Dr. Artis can and will create a seminar tailored to your audience. Here are a few Motivational Seminars Dr. Artis has given:

1. Success: How bad do you want it.

This seminar was presented to Upward Bound high school students in grades 9-12 and focused on character development, responsibility, accountability, and defining success, not based on culture, but based on individual choices.

2. The Power of Impact: Encouraging Students to Greatness.

This seminar was presented at a College to faculty and staff to impact how they serve their students and visitors.

3. Student-Centered Instruction Across the Discipline.

This seminar was presented at a University to faculty and staff to create a paradigm shift from teaching-centered instruction towards student-centered instruction.

4. My God, My Family, Myself: Who comes first?

This seminar was presented to a congregation of women on balancing life and the many roles of women.

5. I love you, but I don’t like you!

This seminar was presented at a couples conference that focused on honesty in relationships, changing perceptions and behaviors, and how to like each other again.

6. It’s My Time, It’s My Season!

This seminar focused on life changes, preparation for the next season, and recognizing when it is time to be still vs. when to move forward.

7. Cyber-bullying: Psychological trauma, treatment, and resources

This seminar focused on the effects of cyber-bullying on children and adults, treatment options and community resources.

8. The Value of Excellent Customer Service

This seminar focuses on helping staff understand the value of excellent customer service, customer needs, and self-care at work by increasing effective communication, decreasing conflicts and fostering cooperation and teamwork among staff members.

9. Workplace Wellness

Need to boost the productivity of your employees? This seminar focuses on creating a positive workplace environment focusing on teaching employers and employees how important it is to how to balance taking care of personal needs so they can focus on the bottom line at work, effective tips to balance work and life, and learning opportunities for self-care at home and in the workplace.

10. Declutter Your Life

This workshop focuses on learning key organizational, personal finance, and social skills that will give your audience clarity, peace, and change lives!

11. Other Workshop Topic Examples include:

A. Chasing the Dragon: The Life of an Opiate Addict

B. The Many Faces of Depression: Hope, Help and Healing

C. Breathe In Breathe Out: Techniques to Reduce Anxiety

D. Suicide Prevention in Youth, Adults and Seniors

E. Bullying and Violence Prevention

F. Healthy Relationships

G. Positive Ways to Communicate with your Family