Mrs. Personality!

Dr. Carletta Perry is a TV Show Host, Writer, and Producer for “It’s Life Changing,” a Newspaper Columnist for several newspapers whereby she writes the “Q&A with Dr. Carletta Perry” bi-weekly columns, Radio Host, and makes appearances on local Television and Radio on various topics, especially dating, marriage, depression, and finding your peace.

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Read published Q&A with Dr. Carletta Perry columns on this website for wisdom and healing answers. Even if you didn’t ask the questions, readers find that there is a nugget or something inspiring about every response Dr. Perry provides to her readers. Read them for yourself or read them to help someone else. Either way, you will be blessed!

Contact Dr. Perry at 757.716.HEAL about speaking or hosting your next event. Dr. Perry is also available to appear on your radio show or your television show at no cost to you.